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Universal Playground SOUND #10

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People of Universal Playground, welcome to show number 10. It's a special number and it will be a special show. I'm gonna take you on a journey through tropical places, where the sun shines all the time, where you can hear the ocean waves coming and leaving, where you feel the fresh breeze on your body while laying on the beach with your favorite drink and fruits by your side. 

Best Live Performances (Part 2)

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There is just nothing like that. It can vary from the cozy unplugged concert for a few to big festivals for thousands. One thing they have in common, though. It is very special to [...]


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Maikl Knight expresses himself through music that he loves. The way he is mixing flavors of all kinds, rhythms, and melodies brings joy to others and connects them in the moment. When he sees people having [...]