I call myself a nightrider, some one who rides the night until the morning light. I allow the nocturnal vibration to bring out those inner thoughts and feelings and turns them into creative energy.

Universal Playground Night is for nocturnal vibration to take place, a space for soulful beings to unleash stress and allow the flow of freedom to stream through their bodies. Carefully selected DJ’s plays carefully selected music to bring out the best in each moment. All we need to do is show up, open up and connect with the flow. It’s a night in the name of exploration and expression, interactiveness and unity, most of all allowing life and love to bond in rhythm. Bless your ears with the sound form the Playground and welcome to our wonder world.


Coming from Birmingham, England, only 22 years old multi-instrumentalist, who has been playing guitar and producing music since the age of 9, is coming to Bratislava to bless us with his dj set at Friday’s NIGHT ( Nu Spirit Club). He is a member of one of the most meaningful and progressive collectives of this era – Soulection.

Who is the master o Universal Playground SOUND? A selector who reveals his musical mind to fans in his legendary mixtape series AFROMENTALS. Blending old with new is what he does best, by mixing classic and modern R&B, Soul, Hip-Hop, Funk and Ambient sounds. A dynamic DJ with a distinctive sound, creative ideology and astute ear to find exceptional artists, that has made him a household name nationwide.

Coming from Berlin, London and Hamburg, these three vinyl only DJs, will rock the friday’s NIGHT party in Nu Spirit Club with their premium selection of Hip Hop, Funk and Soul. Ladies and gentlemen, introducing Naughty NMX, Runex and Jim Sharp as Dusty Donuts.
“We believe in the power of a well curated set by an experienced DJ, rather than to be everybody’s darling with no personal note.”

Musical duo consisted of one Dj with amazing taste and one musician with amazing ear. This connection of Hip-Hop, Funk and Soul music with tones of Saxophone and Flute creates vibrant and colorful atmoshere on the dancefloor and throughout the whole club

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To get you in the mood and create the atmosphere, fresh tunes will be served to you by our good friend and ambassador of Universal Playground SOUND. We are very pleased to have ARTIST3, from Slovakia, guiding you through his music selection.


Coined as the father of Ancestral Soul and Hailing from the Central African Republic, Boddhi Satva is a DJ/Producer that is not only changing the way people perceive dance music, but the way they experience it as well.

From being one of the only DJ/ Producers showcased on Coca Cola’s Coke Studio Africa to having his music released by some of the most prominent independent record labels such as Osunlade’s Yoruba Records, Bob Sinclair’s Yellow, and Dixon’s Innervisions. Boddhi knows how to keep one foot on the mainstream and the other on the dance floor. Furthermore, he is known widely as a protégé to Grammy winning Lil Louie Vega (Masters at Work), who was on board as the Executive Producer of Boddhi’s album Invocation, released in 2012. The BBE-release debut was celebrated all over the world by many, including the global tastemaker Gilles Peterson.

Lucas’ first encounters with music started at an early age. As the son of a DJ and musician he was automatically nourished with a broad selection of sounds. Although his true passion for music evolved when he started b-boying (breakdancing) at the age of twelve. Unifying his mind, body and soul with tribal drumbreaks, powerful horn sections and soulful vocals made him experience the true essence of jazz, soul and funk. Besides being a dancer he also had a great interest in music and its history. And so he spent hours and hours in recordstores, educating himself by analysing numerous lp’s and cd’s.

In 2011 Lucas started an online mixtape-series called ‘Music is what Feelings sound like’, where he played all kinds of songs that he had stories and experiences with. He aimed to touch people in a different way than he could do when he would play somewhere. He wanted to help people grow emotionally and spiritually which made him receive many stories of people who were touched by his mixtapes. For the ones that became curious: they are still online.

In 2014 he was asked by the renowned Wicked Jazz Sounds-movement in Amsterdam to join them.
You can frequently see/hear him play at their weekly club-night at the Sugarfactory in Amsterdam or on Red Light Radio.

In 2015 he became a curator for 22tracks.com where he filled up the “Funk/Soul/Jazz” playlist until they sadly had to quit their platform in 2017 due to various reasons. Their playlist called ‘TIP22’ is still active on Spotify though and updated weekly with the latest releases.

In 2016 Lucas started the MORE BOUNCE – Collective with Lee Funksta, Rob Manga and Dean High.
They decided to focus on Funk, old and new, because there is a whole new movement going on in that area and it wasn’t represented in the Amsterdam nightlife yet.

2017 became challenging for several reasons because Lucas decided to start a record label called ‘Wicked Wax’ together with DJ Leroy Rey and Ty Campbell.

Through the years he gained a lot of knowledge and experience. Not only about music but also how to connect with the audience and how to take them on an uplifting journey.

Jul Nako has always been deeply involved in music and dance, and has through different periods of life had long periods devoted to them each, but always truly intrigued by the relation between them.

He begun dj’ing at the age of 13 but later leaves music aside to devote himself only to dancing.

A few years ago he again devoted himself to djing professionally and has become one of the most required Dj’s to play Urban Dance events in categories Locking and Popping, that is exercised to a particular style of funk music.

He has Dj’ed at numerous events such as StreeStar (Se), Juste Debout World Finals (Fr), Boty/FSS Central Europe (Ch), PC2B (Fr), The Week (It), Weather Festival (Fr)…amongst others.

His experience with DJ’ing at such grand events in the international urban dance culture is very valuable and rare amongst regular Djs. Those skills make him a dance floor killer in the clubbing scene.

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