Experience good live music is the best medicine ever. To let the vibration go straight from its source through the eardrum than spreading through out the whole body. To feel that base intertwine with the heartbeat…

We love live music and appreciate artists that let the music speak for them instead of the opposite. That puts passion and talent before fame and fortune. Artists that moves the receiver emotionally as well as physically. Artists that creates that timeless music that never gets old and makes you loose track of time. That type of music that can easily turn 1 hour into 5 minutes, makes the listener bounce off into a rhythmical soundscape, float and flow with melodies then sail off into the night with eyes closed and heart open. Universal Playground Live is an important piece in the Playground puzzle where we invite those types of artists to share their music with our world.


Self taught singer/songwriter, producer and DJ from London. Specialising in what she describes as “limitless, soulful, future RnB”, her music is an amalgamation of 90s RnB influences and her love for digital audio experimentation. Collaborations with IAMNOBODI, Budgie, ROMderful, Jarreau Vandal, Dornik, Alfa Mist, Barney Artist and Jay Prince only proves her dedication and love for the music.

These two London youngsters are beyond wonderful and talented. Their production style is raw but sophisticated. Musical but not introvert. They combine jazz with hip-hop and neo-soul creating vibes on top of the vibes.

We are giving you NK-OK and Mr. D.M as Blue Lab Beats,

Young, multi-talented artist and singer, accompanied by his band, will be part of Saturday’s improvisation part AFFAIRS and later opening concert part LIVE. His jazz band is combination of velvet voice and amazing jazz musicians.


Fusion of four totally different personalities gave us an explosive mixture, fruit of which is an independent project that stylisticly refers to the 70/80 music like dirty funk, jazz, hip-hop and disco. Every gig is an adventure,that is never the same. Frequent deviations of compositions, improvisations, as far as characteristic sounds are the elements of common passion. Those responsible for the mess are: Marcin Przeplasko a.k.a. DJ Plash, Piotr Bolanowski, Grzegorz Sipiora and Damian Niewiński. The junction of keybord instruments, bass, percussion, drum pads, gramophones together with the sampler is something between old school and modernity. The band has numerous gigs under their belt,that arouse interest from the very beginning. Apart from gigs, the band was taking part in many bboy battles, during which the band’s characterisitc breaks were played. In the summer of 2014 musicians decided to record their independent project in the studio. Samples of their work will be released in next year. Four people one love for music=FLUE.

Fashion and style, voice and melodies, dance and rhythm all in one person. We are happy to have this creative muse blessing the stage at our festival. Coming from Paris, France we proudly welcome Lÿdie La Pëste and her guitarist Gustave Reichert.

la:lee bloom & AFRIKA WONDA is LOVANDA:. Duo of increadible artists from far east Russia – Yekaterinburg. Both making music and both using their voices on mic. Together, they are creating very special and honest connection with music, universe and themselves. Representing Universal Playground SOUND