Universal Playground is a colourful platform

where creatives meet to express and inspire each other.

With dance as our tool and music as our vehicle

we sail into new worlds and dimensions

where norms get challenged, free thinking is flowing

and love is the overall ruler.

Being the music lovers that we are makes us aware

of the healing abilities that sound can provide.

The type of music that eases up tensions, relaxes and charges our mind,

body and spirit, connects and unites us and most of all opens up to the free flow.

It makes us come alive and able to live a lifetime in one song.

It’s that type of sound that’s not locked to any specific genere or style,

instead it combines them all into something new.

We call it the Universal Playground SOUND.

When they go sleep

we go deep.

From the moment we begin using language to communicate our message,
we tell stories. Stories that help teach lessons, offer guidance, share experiences, entertain crowds. There are countless wonderful beings whose stories need to be heard, captured and spread to keep this vibrant energy flowing.
To inspire, encourage or simply make us smile.
Welcome to Universal Playground STORIES.

Welcome to the Universal Playground Market where unique finds
from all over the world are collected and displayed.
Anything you might need and never even new you needed pops up there.
The market is a meeting place as well as anything else, new trends meets old traditions,
tangible meets eatables and most of all authenticity is present.