What is Universal Playground?2020-04-10T14:19:26+00:00

Universal Playground is a colourful platform where creatives meet to express and inspire each other. With dance as our tool and music as our veichle we sail into new worlds and dimensions where norms get challenged and free thinking is flowing and love is the over all ruler. A place where the creative mind is in focus and the physical body in exploration and each moment is a possibility for rebirth. Will you catch it?

We have been flowing and growing at the playground for sometime now, taking beautiful souls on board and collected inspiration from all corners of the world to present and spread the vibration we all have in common. Do you dare to experience that?

Where will be your next event?2020-04-10T17:16:06+00:00

You can find all information about our upcoming events in the EVENT section.

Where can i find PLAYLIST from your latest show?2020-04-10T17:19:21+00:00

Find the Universal Playground SOUND show on our SoundCloud, find the button called PLAYLIST and there it is.

Where can i find your music?2020-04-10T17:42:39+00:00
How can i join Universal Playground SOUND?2020-04-10T14:17:36+00:00

If you are artist and would love to submit your work to be played in our show or admited to our Spotify Playlist, please write us an email to: sound@universalplayground.world