Dive deep with the masters at the Universal Playground Factory. The place where we get busy, busy in creation, busy in expanding our mind and vision.

We invite different kinds of art forms and artists to share their knowledge and wisdom through workshops at the Factory. Those type of artists who are not afraid to make sacrifices or invest deeply into their art and it’s discovery. The ones who dove so deep they created a new platform for their expression. They have the ability to change the energy in the room with their art and create wonders out of “nothing”.
Flow and grow with the input and inspiration from the deep divers of the world. Learn how to apply creative teqniques to your own life and art form at the Universal Playground Factory.


With CalmQuality PALETA teaches and shares with you a holistic approach to your creative expression through movement. Starting the class with emphasis on synchronizing movement & breath to enter the flowstate of your practice. Join this class with an open mind, open heart and willing to create space in your physical body to unleash and reconnect with your unique authentic self, your essence, your presence.
And challenge yourself to express this connection in a powerful choreography, all in the spirit of a continuous moving meditation. Practice your CALM, listen, feel, reconnect, breath, trust and execute your QUALITY of movement, of life and in all aspects of your being.
Salomon, member of the Legion X, Serial Stepperz and Freemindz crews. Throughout his career, he has developed a unique style, sailing between break and standing dance, combining the stand up moves and the ground. With touch of experimental, it becomes a reference in the field. Recognized internationally, Salomon is a charismatic and generous dancer, who will share his knowledge with you.


Matryoshki in jazz – dance project based in Moscow, representatives of Russian style all over the world, one of the best dancers in footwork oriented styles House Dance and UK Jazz Fusion, participants of different street dance festivals and battles, as well as theater performances and art projects.

To get original ideas, you need to be able to look at the same information that everyone else does, and organize it into a new and different pattern. That is the ability to “see.” Sadly, most people are not able to move beyond the given information to new ideas. Their thinking is prejudiced by existing concepts and emotions. They are unable to “see.” “Unstuck” is a motivational talk and workshop about breakthroughs. It uses and teaches creative-thinking techniques and ideas to smash creative barriers, to problem solve, to innovate and to be open to all possibilities. In short, it gives you the tools to see what no one is seeing, and to think what no one is thinking.