Joey Negro Announced He Was Dropping His “Unacceptable” Stage Name

In recent events another topic came to light, the stage names of famous artists. Last month, US bands Lady Antebellum and Dixie Chicks renamed themselves due to links with the slavery era. After that DJ The Black Madonna stopped using her own moniker and changed it to Blessed Madona.

Latino Contributions to Hip Hop

Aren’t we living in the best times right now? Being able to have all the information one click away and not only that. We get to see and hear pioneers sharing their piece of history with us live and direct.

10 Films & Documentaries To Help Educate On Racism

Right now, more than ever, it is so important for everyone to learn more about the deeply rooted racism that exists against the Black community. This is not a problem for the US only, this is a worldwide problem and we all have responsibility to educate ourselves and the people around us.

Dave Chappelle Raw Hard Hitting Stand Up

Stand-up legend Dave Chappelle released an “unrefined” half-hour special on Friday, titled “8:46,”. It is not his usual comedy performance giving the circumstances and brutal death of George Floyd. In his unique manner, Chappelle addresses racial issues in the United States, his view on celebrity involvement, and examining murders of people of colour due to police brutality.