Three dancers, three generations

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Let me take you back, Back In Time, to Paris, 7 years ago. In this time, youtube is a significant new thing, and video creators are experimenting with different ways of capturing dancers. And dancers are exploring the possibilities of expressing themself through the lens of a camera. The video recently overcomes 1 million views, so I thought it’s a great time to bring it back to life.

Create Smart Art

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Our friend and inspiration, Mr. Kriss, is known for his creations from ordinary objects. His art is simple yet powerful in expression and meaning. And now you can contribute with your ideas to his [...]

Melanin #bybarbs

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C18H10N2O4  is the molecular formula of melanin. Melanin is a chemical compound mainly responsible for the production of pigment in the skin, the hair, the eyes. It is nothing but a chemical which concentration [...]