Never Split The Difference by CHRIS VOSS

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This book is basically about ways and techniques FBI negotiators were (maybe still do) using and the psychology experience behind it. Through stories, Chris Voss is breaking down how you could be a better negotiator. From learning to use tones of your voice, to learn to listen and develop rapport and empathy, to psychological phenomena that might not be so obvious or grand, but can change the outcome of your negotiation rapidly.


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Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams. We, as people tend to overlook and give very little attention to the most obvious and ubiquitous things. When something is so natural for us like sleep we don't care to examine it or ask a question, we take it as innate knowledge, like we suppose to know everything about it.


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I made a mistake with his previous book. Not that I read it but that I said Joe recommended it. He actually recommended this book, but I started with the Power Of Now because it spoke to me more at that moment. It was a reasonable mistake because this book is a continuation of it. So I read it in good order, and on top of that, I got more from this one.