About Us
Universal Playground is a colourful platform where creatives meet to express and inspire each other. With dance as our tool and music as our veichle we sail into new worlds and dimensions where norms get challenged and free thinking is flowing and love is the over all ruler. A place where the creative mind is in focus and the physical body in exploration and each moment is a possibility for rebirth. Will you catch it?
We have been flowing and growing at the playground for sometime now, taking beautiful souls on board and collected inspiration from all corners of the world to present and spread the vibration we all have in common. Do you dare to experience that?
bj piggo bybarbs


Bj Piggo loves music. Rhythms and grooves are what he is looking for. Consistency and flow are strongly represented in his sets. He just loves to push the boundaries of a genre and create an atmosphere where people can be truly themselves.


Barbara Koll aka #ByBarbs is a photographer who is telling stories with visuals. Besides that, her background in design and architecture made her artistic director of Universal Playground. The experience you are getting wouldn’t be the same without here.



Artist3 is a dancer who listens to music with his whole body. The feeling of flow in his body is induced by music without any genre barriers. Through his selection, he spreads this feeling to the bodies of other homo-sapiens, who can not really tell what it is, but they know its sexy!



La:Lee bloom & AFRIKA WONDA is LOVANDA:. A duo of incredible artists from far east Russia – Yekaterinburg. Both making music and both using their voices on the mic. Together, they are creating a very special and honest connection with music, the universe, and themselves.


Maikl Knight expresses himself through music that he loves. The way he is mixing flavors of all kinds, rhythms, and melodies brings joy to others and connects them at the moment. When he sees people having fun to his sets, that is when he feels like home.


Inspired by the vibrant Scottish and Dutch club culture, the Edinburgh/Bratislava based Bali G represents a style full of playful rhythms and eclectic melodies, which span across continents and eras. Nurtured by the diversity of Amsterdam’s record stores, Bali delights in blending obscure disco, funk, or Latin beats with heavy synth basslines and hard-hitting house, never ceasing to provide food for the brain and soul. His sets aim to celebrate diversity while unifying people under the premise of dancing to the rhythm of their heartbeat.