Educational, cultural, informative and funny, that would be the definition of these Instagram talk by Kapela from France. Since the beginning of the quarantine, he was investing his time and effort to create a platform with overreaching importance.

Over the year, you might witness many wonderful conversations on his Instagram profile full of insights and valuable information. This one is not an exception of that rule. Some of the most important figures in our dance scene came together and shared their priceless knowledge. What was supposed to be only conversation with Link (MOP TOP, Elite Force Crew/New York) became over 3 hours discussion, joined by Robozee (Germany) , Caleaf (MOP TOP, Elite Force Crew/New York) , Buddha Strech (MOP TOP, Elite Force Crew/New York) and Poppin Pete (electric Bogaloos/ Fresno, California). So so so much gems in this live stream that you can still watch on Kapela’s Instagram. I recommend you to do it asap.