Pulsating sounds, ecstatically dancing bodies, a sense of freedom. In their dance performance 4 A.M., choreographers Olivia Mitterhuemer and Farah Deen invite their audience to delve into the spheres of house culture.

Far away from common drug and alcohol clichés, the multiple layers of house dance are choreographically explored. Referring to the inclusive and non-judgmental character of house culture, the music’s repetitive and upbeat quality serves as the central anchor for the four performers’ physical experience. Inspired by various encounters with the European and American house scene, they bring different human relationships on stage, all within a spectrum between self-doubt, distance, intimacy and ecstasy. An hommage to the club as a safe place, where social conventions disappear. At 4 A.M., house beats and physical exchange open up a space of danced transcendence and collective freedom.

If you want to see the performance, the tickets have to be bought before April 14th. Then you can Stream the piece for one week.

  • Conception & Choreografy: Farah Deen & Olivia Mitterhuemer
  • Dancers: Farah Deen, Cat Jimenez, Olivia Mitterhuemer, Tina Rauter
  • Dramaturgy: Philippe Riera
  • Music Edit: TJ Hicks
  • Lightwork: Stefan Ebner
  • Costumes & Stage Design: Magdalena Neuburger
  • Production: Verena Pircher
  • CoProductioin:  brut Wien / imagetanz 2021

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