Slovak singer Samuel Hošek released his debut album “Our Time is Now” in 2020 in cooperation with his producer Jureš Fallgrapp Líška. The music genre of the album is close to alternative pop with features of electronic music, RnB, Soul, and Rap.

The songs performed in this live session describes finding own identity and point out the questions of religion, faith, and perception of different cultures. They say stories about relationships, and discover inner world of artist. Concept of album is focusing on inner world of human being. “Nowadays, the main focus is on outer beauty however, the most interesting thing for me is what is going on inside us. Inside our heads. That’s what I call inner beauty.”

Along with Laura Jašková on Bass, Jakub Kačic on guitar and Jureš Fallgrapp behind the electronics, you are gonna hear live performance of songs from Samuel’s latest album.


  1. Brooklyn
  2. Black Eyes
  3. Home
  4. Say My Name
  5. Soulmate

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