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This month marks the one year of covid pandemic and the longest time i’ve ever spend on one place. It has been a rollercoaster of emotions and various coping mechanism to stay sane. I was loosing it at the beginning of this month but then Clubhouse came to save me. Literally it is the best thing that happened in a long time. Social network based on audio? Love it. In it’s month period running in Slovakia i got to listen to the top 1% smart, knowledgeable people around. One night i even got to listen a conversation between Malcom Gladwell and Adam Grant, can you believe this?

Back to my point and why Clubhouse saved me? I started doing regular music rooms at 10am and afternoon at 2pm. This routine got me excited about music and sharing my taste with people there. Making someones day better by playing music i like or just decorating their space with background music is the best and I’m super happy about it. If you are iPhone user (android coming) join me there.


I know there might be people reading this from sunny place, but where i’m right now it is pretty gloomy. Sun is the ultimate mood changer for me so when it’s not there i have to reach for some artificial one. This set from Julien Lebrun gave me all the sun i needed. As part of Tropical block party some years ago in Paris club Le Mellotron.

Julien Lebrun is a french soul jazz and afro-funk DJ, a rare groove records digger and Hot Casa Records co-manager. He’s also musician in the french nu-jazz band Hi Perspective. Manager and artistic director of Setenta, the latin-soul band from Paris since 2006.


When this all quarantine is over this is one of the first performances i’m gonna see. Through the Grapevine is a quirky pas de deux between two men. Performers Alexander Vantournhout and Axel Guérin show their bodies, stripped of all frills.

They are trained but certainly not perfect. They do not try to convince with virtuous movements. Gradually, their athletic bodies collide with physical limitations and their movements guide them in the discovery of the strengths and weaknesses of their own specific physique. The choreography creates an interplay between these differences in proportions and physical strength. With great effort and concentration, the performers search for balance, equilibrium, and harmony without shying away from humour. They challenge one another and drive each other forward, alternately leading the dance. Through constant mutual physical contact, the synergy between touching and being touched unfolds as the base melody of the performance.


Remember as i mentioned Adam Grant earlier? He just released his new book called Think Again and if you are listening to podcast it was pretty hard to not notice. He’s been on every major one talking about it. Im not gonna say it is a book that changed my life, but the overall message is good to repeat every once in a while to keep your self in check. It’s definitely an airport book so be ready to read it in 3 days (maybe even one), nevertheless Adam is a great inspiration to me for the way he is constantly upgrading his views and rethinking his opinions and statements, and i love it.


This Vice series about songs that changed the music industry is sooo good. Getting to know the whole story makes it even more important. It doesn’t matter if you were around when the song came out, give it a watch you wont regret it. It is pretty special song, trust me, i played it for years!

The Thong Song was never meant for Sisqo, but once he heard the track he couldn’t let it go. Although it was originally meant for Michael Jackson, producers Tim & Bob were won over by Sisqo’s enthusiasm and fresh ideas. VICE met the creators of Thong Song to hear how G-strings and violin strings united to create this iconic song that brought thongs to the masses. Love it.


This is our first studio session with Tamara. She is an amazing artist and even tho we posted about this before, i think it’s worth mentioning it again. If you haven’t seen it, please do that :)


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