Cyril Lancelin develops a hybrid work made up of sculptures, immersive installations, drawings, virtual experiences and videos that forge links between the physical and the fictional. He is using Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in his exploration of the tridimensionnal matter research. Here we are going to present you with some of his incredible work.

It might often look like these installations are only digital but don’t be fooled by your first impression. French artist Cyril Lancelin creates mesmerising visuals that disturbs the conventional outlook on how the space should be used. The notions of repetition and parametric generation are recurring themes in his work. It anticipates our passage into a world of multiplied and shared data. The artist sets up a connected territory through a conceptual dialogue between his practices and the experience of the public. Digital or real, his works offer an essentially optimistic vision, drawing an artificial and experiential landscape.

Since completing his architecture degree in 1999, he has been working on habitats and their boundaries. He uses Primitives Shapes in his drawings and installations, making them the pillar of his work. With the help of parametric tools, he is making research in different fields. You might want to follow his art and journey on his IG to not miss any of his new installations. Here are some of our favorites:

1. Pyramid sphere

(MIAfest 2018, Philadelphia, USA)

2. Mix

3. House “hill”

(Los Angeles, USA)

4. Green Chapel

(Normandy, France)

5. Chain