An educational anti-racist project open to anyone interested in deconstructing systemic racism in Switzerland. Using the prism of hip-hop culture and history, this online training is designed to raise awareness, educate and cultivate a dialogue around racism and systemic racism in the United States and Switzerland.

This is very important event that is organized by our friends from Switzerland. Their focus is on making this culture better, more inclusive by creating a platform to inform and educate. “In a climate of rising intolerance, the popularisation of extremist theories and the liberation of speech and discriminatory practices, it seemed essential to us to mobilise against racism, sexism, heteronormativity and validism.”

Passion Fruit is a Hip-Hop dance company (Street & Club dance) and an educational company, composed of Tatiana Desardouin, Lauriane Ogay and Mai Lê Hô. Its mission is to promote the authenticity of street dance and clubbing styles, Hip Hop and house cultures and their black heritage as well as its contribution to society, by exploring different social problems through their dance pieces and their artistic practices such as “Les 5 sens” – A multisensory experience within a cultural event and “Passion Fruit Seeds” – An educational program, with several projects.

All the information is on their website long with the schedule and introductions of speakers. Make sure to be there. We most definitely will.


Moncell E. Durden (University of Southern California)
Noémi Michel (University of Geneva)
Passion Fruit Dance Company


In February 2021:
13th-15th/ 18th /February 20-21th

via ZOOM (The event will be translated in English and French)