What to do when the foundation of all creative work collapses? To surrender was not an option – and after the setbacks were taken, it was time to get off the ground.

We love to see our friends fighting and making thing happen in these hard times. It was not easy to create when things were “normal” and now with all of this chaos it is so much harder. Despite all the uncertainties, the dancers Olivia & Farah, from Portpourri crew, want to make their art visible again – and “elevate” in their new beautiful and dramatic video produced by HFA-Studio and Rupert Höller.

Dance & Choreography: Farah Deen & Olivia Mitterhuemer aka Potpourri Creative
Direction: HFA–Studio
Directed & edited by: Rupert Höller
Directors of photography: Anna Hawliczek & Adrian Bidron
1st assistant camera: Fjodor Kelling
Music: Marco Kleebauer
Sound Design: Andreas Posch Set-Photography: Marko Mestrovic
Production: Shereen Deen
Hair & Make Up: Jenny Bladek Styling: Oliver Huber
Special thanks to: Odeon Theater, Red Bull Austria, Schindler Aufzüge & Rainbow Bondage