This is a great story about the power of art, passion, and social media. Lars wanted to shoot dance and Theresa wanted to put her dance into the world. It took a classic Swedish Fika (time for coffee and cake) to start the wheels rolling.

We reached out to Theresa to give us some insight into the process. As she was saying Lars was trying to film dance when he saw her profile on FB through a common friend. They got together the first time, exchanged ideas, and started to work on their parts. “He wanted to catch dance but had the idea of more of a storytelling thing. He went location hunting around in Malmö and I started to work with the music, movement, and the words,” says Theresa. In these times, artists were forced to rethink what their art meant to them and to find ways to cope with social distancing and lockdown.

The second time they met was the showtime. As Theresa recalls “When we met up to film it was the second time we met in person and we were both nervous and wanted to perform good, me in front of and Lars behind the camera. With the help of some hot chocolate and the Christmas buns “lussebulle” Lars helps our nerves to calm down and we went filming an evening in December. Later we linked up again and did the voice recording and some extra film material and continued polishing.” And that was it and the outcome is waiting for you below.

It is always so inspiring to see how fast things can happen when you are in the right mood and with the right people. Even in the hardest situations, we can find ways to create and put our mark in the world.

“I’m really happy and thankful for the collaboration, the support, encouragement and honesty I’ve felt from Lars was like a gift of light in a very cold and dark time. Just the support and energy I needed to push myself to dare to share more of what I do. And I am so thankful for it.”

Theresa Gustavsson