Universal Playground’s album of the week 53 – 2020 is ROMderful. – ICE CREAM CLONES

Rommel Donald was born and grew up in Birmingham, England.[1] As a child, he learned how to make beats and play multiple instruments, including the guitar, bass guitar, violin, and drums.[2] He was also childhood friends with fellow artist and future collaborator, KayFaraway.[1] He drew inspiration from church music, early 2000s R&B,[2] and video game soundtracks. In his teenage years, he was a member of a death metal band.[1] He would later attend university while also working on his music. During his second semester of university in 2015, however, Donald opted to drop out and focus on music full time.[2]

I just like a lot of colour and video games before 2010 :)
I like IKEA and Pineapples.
I makes weird musical music.