Yesterday (27.12.2020) the world lost one of the greatest house dancers, Ousmane Sy aka Babson or Baba. Member of a legendary crew Wanted Posse, founder of Serial Steppers and Paradoxal crew, and All4House events. The message shocked everyone on a deep level.

Without Babson, the House Dance in Europe wouldn’t look the same. His contributions are enormous, starting with bringing the knowledge and ending with sharing that knowledge, inspiring hundreds of dancers all around the world, and bringing dozens of French dancers to an incredible level. His absence will be strongly felt.

We would love to extend our condolences to the family and close friends. Also, we would love to use our platform to inform about an ongoing fundraiser for the family that would help a lot. If you are in a situation to support, it will be much apprecitated.


If there are people who are not familiar with Babson, we would strongly recommend to do your research and to spend some time watching this giat move. Here is our favorite and one of the best dance conversations in house dance history.