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I know that this year has been really weird. For us, younger people, it was unimaginable to lose some of the freedoms, we until now, mostly took for granted. Traveling has been a major part of my life and I don’t remember times when I was in my country for longer than 2 months. And yet at the end of this year, I can honestly say I am grateful. For all the struggle that taught me to be stronger, for all the insight I learned about myself, for my family and friends who have been extra supportive, and for everybody who went out of their ways to reach out and offered a hand for those who were in need. I believe that we all have gained so much during this year and I can not wait to use all of it in years to come.

So for the last Monthly Diggs of this year, let me share with you some great discoveries of mine.


If you asked me what genre I play my first reaction would be HIP HOP. But since hip hop nowadays is so much connected to RAP I decided to define my music as grooves or world music or Universal Playground Sound. It’s a pity but that’s the way the world is set up. For me, hip hop was always about values. And the core value is freedom of expression. My sets are eclectic and I developed and master the art of blending all the different genres into my set without you knowing how I got from one to another. I do it by using another hip hop aspect – loops. Since the early Djs started using breaks in the songs I figured I could do the same thing with the music I’m playing. And then there are vinyl, the last part of what is, for me, so strongly connected to hip hop. So when I came across Dj Koco, my heart started bumping from joy. This Japanese Dj is such an inspiration. He represents everything above with his own twists and on top of that, he is doing it all on 45s. Incredible!


After ten editions of Universal Playground SOUND, I’ve decided to step the game up and challenge myself to share my vinyl collection and on top of that start video recordings of these sets. So Orange Crate Records came to life, inspired my orange record crate I bought in Stockholm some years ago. (And btw I’m searching for such crate since, so if you have any idea where to get those, let me know)

I’m trying to give some extra pieces of information to the spectators to every artist and every song so you might appreciate it even more. It’s way more work and YouTube copyrights are driving me crazy, but it’s all worth it. Enjoy


When Bali sent me this video I think I watched it like 5 times in a row.  There are so many layers. You get totally different experience watching it and a different one only listening to it. I recommend you to explore all the possibilities of this masterpiece.

Amalgamation Choir is an  acapella all-women-choir based in Cyprus, lead by Vasiliki Anastasiou. Their sound creates to the listener a mental journey along with the melodies of a cool Mediterranean breeze, the echoes of the Balkan mountains and the rich colors of polyphonic traditions.


This year I got to appreciate nature even more. I’m a city person and I don’t go hiking every weekend, but I feel the importance of greenery in human life. Maybe that’s why my “home plants game” got from 4 to 17 during this pandemic year :D So when I came across this documentary it totally got me captivated and the fact it is in New Zealand only made me more eager to travel there one day.


This is a collection of random inspiration and friends who are doing what they love. By the motto #SupportYourArtistFriends I would like you to know these people.


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