Universal Playground’s album of the week 51 – 2020 is South Dj Scream – Davai Beat

Since 2001 I have started organising local Jams and Hip-Hop Parties in Yalta city, where I began Dj’ing, Hosting and Breaking. In 2002 I joined organisation team of big international event in Yalta, witch later gowned into legendary Yalta Summer Jam. In 2003 I started visiting Hip-Hop & Dance Events all over the World: Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Poland, France, Netherlands, Denmark, UK, USA, Brazil, Japan, India and other countries, where I was spinning my beats, hosting and dancing with my crew – South Front. Today South Dj Scream is a well known name in Hip-Hop community. I have released more than 100 Funk/Hip-Hop Mixes for the past 10 years. Since 2014 I started producing beats and press best of them on Vinyl.

– Dj Scream

(Founder of Yalta Summer Jam, South Bank, South Dj’s aka Vagskee & Scream, Member of South Front Crew, 3S Dj Crew, Soul Power Crew)