When it comes to inspiration, I often take loads from Johannes aka Moses Joses. His honest and knowledgeable approach to the club culture is breathtaking. I often find myself thinking to myself “one day, I hope I could be like you my brudi”. 

And I’m not saying this to make fun, I truly feel this way. Since we first met to our time living together and having our party called ROOMIES I grew so much just watching you loving the culture I love so deeply, too. It brings me joy to see you playing for this virtual festival along with the heavy names. You belong there and I can only see you rising to the top. Enjoy this amazing mix and keep an eye and ear on my brudi, Moses Joses.

In 2015 a trip to New York changed my whole perspective on electronic dance music. In a small club in Manhattan, I discovered the power of deep and soulful house music. Five years later, the same people who threw this party, invited me to play a one-hour online-set for the Mi Casa Holiday Virtual Weekend.

Expect a mix of synth-infused eighties sounds and loads of soul-shaking house music.

  • Moses Joses

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