By the motto “SUPPORT YOUR ARTIST FRIENDS IN 2020” we launched this irregular series of mixes to promote and support our DJ friends.

And we have yet another support mix ready for you, number 10. Joanna started as a dancer but slowly gravitated towards djing, influenced by South African house music. Her set is full of kwaito, amapiano, and deep afro house music. Enjoy

A couple of years ago I felt an urge to learn the craft of deejaying. Probably because I spent a fair amount of time in Johannesburg every year for the past 5yrs, the DJ-Mekka! Went to so many clubs, hanging with lots of djs..getting endless of motivation and inspiration to be apart of the movement. To be contributing to the dancefloor in another way than by being the dancer myself. I’m still very much learning, are we ever fully taught? I don’t believe so. But I’m grateful for the platforms I’ve been given..and today i can happily present my latest mix on @universalplayground Soundcloud. Their support means a lot and I’m a fan! ? The mix celebrates SOUTH AFRICAN music culture, I’m so thankful for all people who without hesitation took me in and shared their culture and knowledge. Both DJs and dancers. I am because you are. That’s the bottom line. No credit is ever to be taken fully solo, we always have that inspiration or that person who gave us space and support. Honor them ?? This mix celebrates YOU!


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