Universal Playground’s album of the week 40 – 2020 is Studio KOTO – UNITY

Studio KOTO is an independent record label & artist agency pioneering uncompromised and forward-looking music. Launched by artist manager Rana Vatanparast, Studio KOTO strives to offer a global platform and shape the future of (electronic) music by finding unique ways to build bridges between music, culture, art & brands. In 2018, Studio KOTO kicked-off with it’s first compilation project ME目, inspired by Japanese music & culture and featuring some amazing Japanese artists e.g. Loota, Awich and Emufucka, together with Paris legends Sam Tiba and Canblaster and off course the Studio KOTO roster at that time JAEL, The Flexican, Wantigga and Jengi.
The label & agency has evolved and expanded, so it was time to present a new project to bring together all the artists who are linked to the label. On 25 September, Studio KOTO will release its second compilation project called UNITY. In these unprecedented times for society, the music & cultural industry in specific, it is important to unite and to bring good vibration together. Therefore, with a big team of talents we will present to you the new UNITY compilation.