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I made it, finally. Step I was hesitating to make for years. I came across Patreon a few years ago and since then I was thinking about how to use this platform meaningfully and I think I finally got it. So I decided to stop releasing my art, music, mixes for free. The reason is simple, I want to elevate my artform and do it for the people who really appreciate what I do.

I believe this is the best way to keep in touch with you and build strong relationships based on our mutual love for music. Of course, there will be a mix or two per year for free but my main focus goes to you, my Patreon supporters. Whether you want to just show your appreciation for my work or get some more, there are 4 different options for you. Just choose your preferred one and let’s start this journey together.

Until I see you in person, I hope my mixes will decorate your spaces with love <3

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This is exciting news. Our collective is getting bigger and stronger. Please give your attention to our newest member Bali G from Bratislava/Slovakia. To celebrate this occasion, you can listen to his new support mix and get the vibes.

Inspired by the vibrant Scottish and Dutch club culture, the Edinburgh/Bratislava based Bali G represents a style full of playful rhythms and eclectic melodies, which span across continents and eras. Nurtured by the diversity of Amsterdam’s record stores, Bali delights in blending obscure disco, funk, or Latin beats with heavy synth basslines and hard-hitting house, never ceasing to provide food for the brain and soul. His sets aim to celebrate diversity while unifying people under the premise of dancing to the rhythm of their heartbeat.


There are very few podcasts about music or musicians/producers/beatmakers in particular, but I don’t mind that much since there is Broken Record. Led by one of the greatest, Rick Rubin, these conversations are gold. In the latest episode, Flying Lotus came to share his stories, views, ways of making music. 

Flying Lotus is one of those producers who creates an entire aesthetic world with the music he makes. Over the past 13 years he’s released four solo albums, and produced tracks for a ton of artists including Kendrick Lamar, Thom Yorke, and Thundercat. In this episode FlyLo talks to Rick Rubin about visiting his great aunt Alice Coltrane’s ashram, his peak creative hours, and why he directed a horror movie despite being scared to death by the Thriller video as a kid.


When I came across this page on IG I was hooked for hours, scrolling through with my mouth open. I love to discover new communities and people who are passionate about their craft. This fella just stands out with his energy and love. Uff, enjoy this


What does it look like inside the mind of a machine? Inspired by the architectural vision of a futuristic Los Angeles in “Blade Runner,” media artist Refik Anadol melds art with artificial intelligence in his studio’s collaborations with architects, data scientists, neuroscientists, musicians and more. Witness otherworldly installations that might make you rethink the future of tech and creativity.


This month I would love to share with you some outstanding albums I came across or I have on loop.

1.TAOMI – <3

A Slovakian artist who portrays and shares the frequencies with the intention of better youth and its mindfulness. Taomi’s story spreads the key values of love from within. One of the first self-discovery and awakening drove artists in Slovakia. Driven towards unity and inner-self development. Taomi is part of the WELOVEVERYSIMPLE collective where he began to release in 2019.


Kaidi Tatham (also known as Agent K) is a member of the Bugz in the Attic collective, keys player for The Herbaliser Band on stage and involved in many projects, most notably his collaborations with 4hero’s Dennis McFarlane: 2000Black, DKD (with Daz-I-Kue), Silhouette Brown and Da One Away (with Ian Grant aka IG Culture).
Gilles Peterson recently called him the UK’s most gifted temporary keys player, which he proves constantly in live-performances like the Freesoul Sessions with Mark de Clive-Lowe


Born in New Zealand, Jordan moved to Brisbane, Australia at the age of 3. In 2014, his “Groove Curse” EP garnered strong support in the US and Europe, coaxing him to make the 10,000 mile journey to live in London. He quickly made a name for himself in the UK, lending vocals to Disclosure‘s 2015 album “Caracal”. However, it was 2016’s self-released debut album “Cloak” that proved he was an artist ready to make waves internationally with his own sound.

He went on to sign with independent label Ninja Tune, releasing his second LP “Wallflower” in 2017, played at Glastonbury and toured the world. 2019 saw Jordan collaborate with his friend Loyle Carner – co-writing and producing the hit singles ‘Ottolenghi’ and ‘Loose Ends (feat. Jorja Smith )’.


Moonchild is an alt-r&b/neo-soul group comprised of Amber Navran, Andris Mattson, and Max Bryk. The three all participate equally in writing, producing, tracking, and mixing their records, collaborating as equal partners.  2017’s Voyager saw them ascend to new critical peaks. NPR Music touted the record among, “Five R&B Albums You Slept On In 2017,” and JAZZ FM named them “Soul Act of the Year” for 2018. Little Ghost is the 4th LP from the Los Angeles, CA group, and it stands as their most thoughtfully crafted and complete work to date.


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