Universal Playground’s album of the week 38 – 2020 is Dj G (Sambanismo)  – Solace

DJ and music producer G, has infused his Brazilian roots into everything he does. A chance meeting with DJ SAM ONE, in 2009, made a huge impact on his life and career. Sam guided G, and invited him to be a member of HOUSE 4 YOU (label and Party Production). G is the new generation of DJs. His latest album is a tribute to his love of music and culture from so many different perspectives. Mixing Brazilian roots with NYC’s house, makes his music different and authentic having it’s own essence and identity. Since 2012, DJ G owns his own label called Sambanismo, which launches his music and produces other artists as well. Sambanismo is an authentically Brazilian label, that brings a new flavor to the music industry. G has already performed his productions at the best clubs in the world including Cielo in NYC, Libation Party NYC, Are You Afro? in NYC, Hang Time in NYC, La Machine Du Moulin Rouge, Djoon Club in Paris, Balajo Club in Paris, Theatre Club in Marrakesh, Queens in Milan Italy, Mokai Sao Paulo Brazil, Vegas Club Sao Paulo Brazil, among others. Nowadays DJ G is spreading his music, passion and charisma to every Club and event that welcomes his brazilian flavor, technique and great taste.

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