By the motto “SUPPORT YOUR ARTIST FRIENDS IN 2020” we launched this irregular series of mixes to promote and support our DJ friends.

The number nine support mix is a special one because this mix is the entry point for Bali G into the Universal Playground family. We welcome you with open arms and hearts. All of us are really excited to share and create an atmosphere with you.

Inspired by the vibrant Scottish and Dutch club culture, the Edinburgh/Bratislava based Bali G represents a style full of playful rhythms and eclectic melodies, which span across continents and eras. Nurtured by the diversity of Amsterdam’s record stores, Bali delights in blending obscure disco, funk, or Latin beats with heavy synth basslines and hard-hitting house, never ceasing to provide food for the brain and soul. His sets aim to celebrate diversity while unifying people under the premise of dancing to the rhythm of their heartbeat.

bali g universal playground