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I think I’m back in it, in that amazing state where everything makes sense, where everything falls in place and where I feel most content. It took me a while after the corona shut down everything I loved. I had to go through the process of discovering everything I loved again, finding it inside me and I can finally say that I’ve found it. Music gives me again so much joy that I very often overwhelmed by its powers. It is truly an amazing thing. These sounds put together that can transform your life. I’m every day grateful for that. Thank you MUSIC


It’s been a while since we all know we are living in very fast and not sustainable enviroment. We all can do our little part in changing the world and fortunately there are also big companies who are on the same mission. Patagnoia is one of those companies who are consistently working on finding a new ways of using their leftover materials and giving them new life.

Discarded cotton scraps deserve a fighting chance. Our Responsibili-Tee® T-shirts are crafted with 50% recycled cotton scraps plucked off the factory floor and 50% postconsumer recycled polyester from discarded plastic water bottles. By choosing recycled materials, you can reduce your clothing’s impact on the planet. Watch how these 100% recycled T-shirts are made.


I’ve been watching the progress of Flockey for a long time. He is one creative individual so he is extending his hunger for creating from dance, to music a rap. In his new song, he took a theme very well known in our culture, the crew. The meaning and importance of people around you. I love it.


You know i love to debate, i love the human exchange of ideas. That is the ultimate way of getting your thought together in coherent way and strenghten your knowledge and therefore learn more. And when there are 5 strong characters around the table with long life experiences in art, you know you are up for some good insight. Take you time to listen to this roudn table.


This has been such a powerful talk for me. At the time of the total shut down of the culture segment when you start thinking whether your decisions were the right ones, comes this amazing talk of success. But it is focused not on all the great moments and all the visible accomplishments that you usually hear from these talks. this is on is focus on all the failures in between, all the dead ends an artist will experience.

Me being an artist and someone who very often takes a risk and experiment with new, this has been so helpful reminder that life is not black and white, but rather all the shades in between and many more. As one of my favorite quotes says:

Inspiration is for amateurs. Us professionals, we just go to work in the morning. – Chuck Close


I was listening to a lot of music the past month and I was especially focused on the clubbing environment and DJ sets. Here are some of my favorite. Some are old some new, but all are just great.


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