Worldwide alcohol brand Jägermeister is stepping up to support culture and especially DJs in these hard times with their new project SAVE THE NIGHT. They have allocated 1 million euros to give back to the community.

Our curator, selector, and founder Bj Piggo is here to ask you for help. He has joined the Slovak #SAVETHENIGHT competition and if he wins, he will be granted not only money but support to create an event to bring all the people who love party together. The only thing you need to do ist go to the link below and vote for his set. It’s that easy.

Let’s gather as a community and help him out in these hard times. Also, if you are a DJ do not hesitate and join the competition in your country as well. It is a great opportunity to create something amazing as well as get some of the lost income.

As a family-owned business, solidarity is a matter of heart to us. Our brand and our company have been built in cooperation with passionate meister mixologists, bartenders, musicians and artists. Now we need to give back to them in a way which also delivers entertainment for everyone who can’t get to their favourite bar, club or event.
Michael Volke
Chairman of the Executive board of Mast-Jagermeister SE