In recent events another topic came to light, the stage names of famous artists. Last month, US bands Lady Antebellum and Dixie Chicks renamed themselves due to links with the slavery era. After that DJ The Black Madonna stopped using her own moniker and changed it to Blessed Madona.

In UK Joey Negro has changed his name as he no longer finds it “appropriate” due to the recent Black Lives Matter protests against racial prejudice and injustice. As he was explaining in Facebook Post he had “not felt comfortable with the name Joey Negro for a while, especially as I’ve got older”. Dave Lee, which is his real name, reacted to increasing numbers of emails and reactions from people of various social media.

“I’ve recently received emails, tweets etc saying that it is unacceptable and people find it out of place in 2020 – and I agree.”

“I’m sorry to have caused any offence. My whole life has been about music but particularly black music, I love soul, funk, disco, jazz in a way that’s impossible for me to articulate in words and I have tried to champion it with the best intentions.”

Lee wrote an extensive explanation of how he came up with a name saying he wanted to sound more Latin, taking inspiration from DJs like Junior Vasquez and David Morales. Elsewhere in the message, Lee explained that he first came up with the Joey Negro moniker after combining various names of artists whose music he’d owned on vinyl, with two of those being Pal Joey and J Walter Negro.

You can read the whole statement on his FB post by clicking the picture above.