Being the music lovers that we are makes us aware of the healing abilities that sound can provide. During the past years we have explored and collected a certain type of music that awakes something special in us and others. That type of music that eases up tensions, relaxes, and charges our mind, body, and spirit, connects and unites us and most of all opens up to the free flow. It makes us come alive and able to live a lifetime all in one song. We call it the Universal Playground SOUND. It’s that type of sound that’s not locked to any specific genre or style, instead, it combines them all into something new. It’s within this new realm you’ll find the red rhythmical thread that weaves together the sounds from the playground.

Welcome to show number 9. It’s already June 2020, the weather is starting to look great, days are longer, the sun is shining stronger, and usually, this would be the start of the festival season. Unfortunately, we have to wait a bit longer, and for us, it’s tough. We miss the parties so much, We miss the club culture, We miss the environment, We miss the loud sound, the social aspect, the nights that turn into mornings. All of this has to wait a little bit longer, but meanwhile, we have been cooking something for you. We transformed our website into a magazine, where you can get inspiration from art, culture, dance, music and much more. Feel free to browse through it while you are listening to the latest show. Enjoy

This show features music from @tommisch @andreyatriana @itsmeneedle @josef-baierl @al-dobson-jr @freenationals and more…

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universal playground sound 9


  1. Tom Misch,Yussef Dayes - Tidal Wave
  2. Tom Jarmey - Twilight Zone
  3. Phoelix - Dreams
  4. VBND - Smoke (feat. Katie Tupper)
  5. Tom Misch,Yussef Dayes,Freddie Gibbs -Nightrider
  6. Andreya Triana - Girl
  7. Gareth Donkin - Ease
  8. Marie Dahlstrøm - Like Sand (feat. Beau Diako)
  9. Syd B - Night & Day
  10. 53 Thieves - what you do to me
  11. kxh - i wonder why
  12. Evil Needle & Chromonicci - Highrise
  13. Gareth Donkin - Inside
  14. Josef Baierl - Grep II (Feat. Anya Kovtun)
  15. Gaidaa - Morning Blue
  16. Snoh Aalegra - Whoa (feat. Pharrell Williams) [Remix]
  17. Sweatson Klank - And Then You
  18. Tom Misch,Yussef Dayes - The Real
  19. Flying Lotus - Tea Leaf Dancers (Maida Vale Session)
  20. Zoe's Shanghai - Saint Vibe and Time
  21. Ochepovsky Project - Try
  22. Free Nationals - Gidget (feat. Anderson .Paak & T.Nava)
  23. Anderson .Paak - Chosen One (Instrumental)
  24. Tom Misch,Yussef Dayes - What Kinda Music
  25. Jswiss - Always Knew (feat. Nicholas Payton)
  26. Guru (Ft. Erykah Badu) - Plenty
  27. Secret Rendezvous - Back in the Day (HIGH HØØPS Flip)
  28. Kosie - Struck Gold (feat. Amber Navran)
  29. Shuko - Autumn 96
  30. Al Dobson Jr. - Malay Guarter
  31. A S T R O - Banana
  32. The Main Event - SunShine
  33. Pomona Dream - Easy Raider
  34. DJ Harrison - Dilla’s Eclair
  35. Macarena - Heartbeat (Freestyle)
  36. Greenwood Rhythm Coalition - Tabaco y Ron (TM Juke & Jack Baker Rework)
  37. Tom Misch,Yussef Dayes - I Did It For You
  38. Oscar Jerome - Gravitate
  39. La Fine Equipe - Typical Boy ft Zefire (Patchworks Remix)
  40. Joss Moog - J - J
  41. Dan Kye - Like You Wanna