There are myriad ways of expressing yourself in dance. We would love to share a concept actively promoted by one of the best hip hop dancers nowadays, Edwin Batalla. It’s been some year since he started to encourage dancing with hands or as he calls it – Talking Hands. Inspired by rappers, who besides spiting, the rhymes express themselves with hand gestures to exaggerate the meanings.

As a dancer, you are lead and inspired by music. When the music has lyrics, you find yourself expressing them with movement. In hip hop especially, just look at breaking and rocking. Burns, Jerks, 52 Block, Different Signs when battling, all of these are hands gesture significant for hip hop culture.

In 2019 Batalla used this concept to make a challenge for his event Random Circles, and we thought it would be nice to remind us all what a great concept it is. So here are some of his videos. Feel free to get inspired and make your own video using a hashtag #talkinghands.

Talking Hands vid. Project by Batalla CL Track: Keith Murray, Method Man & Erick Sermon – How’s That Video prod. by Bruno Papic Backup Squad Ryfa , Zolsky & Wiola
Talking Hands vid. Project by Batalla CL Track: Cypress Hill – Dr. Greenthumb Video prod. by Bruno Papic
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