When I’ve started Djing I noticed how light can affect the mood, especially the lack of it. There are limitless ways of using light and therefore color to bring out or complement the vibe. In the other direction, I started seeing how different colors represented my taste of music. I would assign red to Hip Hop, blue to House, or green to Funk. Not really knowing what these colors represented or what were their qualities. It just felt right.

When I started organizing my own parties I used the little I knew (or better say felt) to see if what I thought would happen, actually happened. It was a time of trial and error and not everything worked out, so I started to seek more information. I came across the Newton color discs, different videos on how to use color when designing or editing pictures/videos, but I couldn’t find what I was looking for. Until now.

This tiny book is everything I needed to get me on a good path. Maybe this will save you time if you are interested in color psychology. It will help you to understand color palettes that fit your character, what any color means, and how to use it in different aspects of life like clothing, home, workspace, and much more. The best part, at least for me, is the sources. That’s priceless.

“Color consciousness – Many of us just pull our clothes without much thought. But knowing that every color has its positive and adverse aspects allows us to be more mindful and consciously aware of our color choices and what they are communicating.”

“Color scheme – The question you need to ask yourself is: what is the behavior you want to see? We cant see a mood, but we can see the behavior. your version of relaxed may not look like my version of relaxed…When you know the behavior you want to see, you can choose the color that will support it.”

Interesting study to look up: Baker-Miller Pink