We are very excited to finally put out these two clothing items into the world. We have been testing and testing different qualities and materials to find the perfect fit that would match the feelings of Universal Playground. It is that feeling of content, satisfaction, and freedom. It is when you wear something that you don’t even realize you are wearing, when the fabric becomes you, one organism. These clothes will become your favorite. We know it because we felt it immediately after the first touch. To elevate this year’s theme of support, we chose to work with a natural color palate of different earthy shades of green, complimented with beige and accented with chestnut color. These colors mean a connection with nature – Balance, Harmony, Refreshment, and Virtue.


First of all, high collar, two deep front pockets, adjustable shock cord hem, full front zip, 330g/m² Fleece Jacket is just the superficial description. This cozy green giant will not only make you feel warm and protected but also safe. We have been testing it in all the environments and conditions from mountains and forests all the way to clubs and dancefloors. It is the perfect fit for every occasion. Plus the mighty motto, WHEN THEY GO SLEEP WE GO DEEP on the zipper, is always going to be hanging with you.



The second piece, our most significant black long sleeve is back in stock and upgraded for an even better experience. Adjusted to 2020 color with the logo in front and the motto in the back. This t-shirt is the ultimate piece of clothing for every occasion. Dancers are the best group of people to test the garments. Spending hours in studios, sweating, moving in every way imaginable, not to forget the floorwork.

When we first released this t-shirt in 2018 it sold out in a day. Two years later we still see people wearing them like they are new. That’s the quality we are looking for, that’s why we take time to try and test, to find the best pieces of clothing for everyday lives. You can find it and purchase it in our MARKET section along with other beautiful treasures.

P.S.: After all this corona crises is over, you can expect another layer of clothing dedicated to a sustainable cause, made out of 100% ORGANIC RING-SPUN COMBED COTTON. Keep your senses open ;)

models: Kornelia Lo, Bj Piggo
Photographer: Barbara Koll