Bruno is a young artist coming from Zagreb, Croatia. He’s been in the Hip Hop scene since a young age, dancing, producing and DJing. As of now, he’s representing Frankfurt Hip Hop underground scene and his own JUST LIKE BUTTER event.

You might also recognize him from our events as he was making a lot of video visuals and after movies for us. He is our guy and we love his passion, dedication, and drive. If you spend some time with him you will understand his love for the hip hop culture and also the surplus of energy he has. This energy accumulated into his latest project Groov Morning Show.
Every Monday Bruno promises to bring us good music to start our day with. The first one already happened this Monday at cafe Bohnerie in Frankfurt city, Germany and it was a great success. The music was so on point, grooves were plenty and the day was much brighter afterward. You can listen and watch the recordings on YouTube, Soundcloud, Mixcloud as well as check out the playlist on his new Spotify playlist. Enjoy

Doing the Ying and the Yang, the Hip and the Hop,
the stupid fresh thang, the flipity flap.
Music show on Monday mornings by yours truly Bruno Papic.