This is our fourth year of being out on the world’s Playground. We have been to many countries, met so many amazing people, created vibes and promoted our vision of the way we love to do things and the world we would love to live in. Every year we are trying to point out important issues and give you ideas and tools to create a better life for all of us. This year, we are at it again.

We have been promoting this idea for quite some time now. Actually, it’s been around for ages. With the constant change and with the advent of technology, it is both harder and easier to support each other, but one thing is clear, no one ever accomplished anything alone. 

With that in mind, we are here to use our platform to encourage and promote the act of support this year, and years to come. It is only a very unpleasant coincidence that with the world pandemic Coronavirus we all stopped and realized how much we depend on each other on multiple levels. We realized that it’s not about where we come from, what economic, social or racial background we have, or what occupation we hold. We realized that we are one big community in this world, and if we stick together, if we support each other, we can overcome this and anything that will come after.

Support is the ultimate force that drives us to create, experience and live richer. It perfect cycle of giving and taking, where we all can feel balanced and appreciated and loved. It’s about giving that energy out there to what or who you feel deserves it and getting it back within the next breath. It about supporting your family, friends, artist friends, your favorite singer, musician, painter, dancer, designer, or anyone and anything that spark that joy in your soul. 

We already launched some of our own projects to support people around us and we encourage you to do the same. You can even use our platform to support your friends or favorite artists. Just write to us about them, send us links or just tag us and we will reach out to them,

For this year’s theme, we teamed up with another amazing artist OlivelyArt. Coming from Armenia, this girl is creating feelings through her pictures. Just look at her Instagram and you will understand right away (or browse our website in that matter). Ani is here with us to enrich this year’s visual side with her vision. It is refreshing, it’s natural, it’s earthy, with those soothing ground colors and calm shapes. It symbolizes virtue and purity. We got a lot of plans this year with these graphics for you to enjoy.

After last year’s events all around the world and many new friends we met, we are more than eager to continue to bring the vibes to you, wherever you are. With many new ideas, interesting concepts, lovely artists and interactive decorations. But let’s leave the announcements for later, everything will be out at the right time. 

Now in the times when the whole world stopped, when we look inside ourselves and finally see us as part of nature when we contemplate and go deeper in our own minds, let’s use this time wisely. Let’s evaluate the past and leave the stuff we don’t need anymore there. Let’s use this time to get together, with compassion, with empathy and most importantly with SUPPORT. 

Let’s make 2020 the year of SUPPORT.