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This is one of many recorded performances of Sunday Service and I guarantee you, you won’t be able to turn it off. There is something captivating about choirs and the undoubtedly genius of Kanye West only exaggerates the experience. Just press play and let yourself float in the clouds of soothing melodies.

The Sunday Service Choir is an American gospel group led by rapper and producer Kanye West and conducted by Grammy Award-winning singer Jason White. Beginning in January 2019, the group has performed every Sunday, as well as Friday, September 27, when West’s album Jesus Is King was announced for release. Their debut album, Jesus Is Born, was released three months later on Christmas Day, 2019.


Ruben Chi is Dutch Streetdane artist and creative director. In these times when we all stay at home to fight the virus, different ideas spark and creatives are trying to connect anyway possible. Dance is a social activitiy after all. As Ruben puts it:

YO WE ALL IN THIS “Q TIME” right now. So i decided to HOLLA at my friends and get down our way (at home).

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YO WE ALL IN THIS “Q TIME” right now So i decided to HOLLA at my friends and get down our way (at home ?) SHOW US YOUR QUARANTINE LOOP & TAG US IN IT ? POSITIVITY IS THE KEY NOW SHARE / TAG / TELL your friends In order – LOVE Y’ALL ❤ @ruben_chi @jessytheruggeds @roytheruggeds @shaylatukolan @bnmo___ @patrickodam @sasleka @rowleysilverr @jeremyorigins @shinshan.09 @hassani_lecouvreur @jeemsofficial @lucindawessels @giovanidimension @r3vosoul @tamararobledooud @senna.amarnis @veusty84 @skychieftheruggeds @rocheapinsa #quarantine #qtime #loop #kaytranada #corona #dance #hiphop #streetdance #funk #locking #jazz #popping #housedance #fun #havefun #love #friends #athome #share #viral #fun #movement

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SKRATCH BASTID – Anderson .Paak “Tints” freestyle

I am big fan of turntablism and scratching. Even tho I decided to take a different road in Djing, focusing on selection, atmosphere and transitions, this element of my craft amuses me to this day. Skratch Bastid is one of the best out there creating nice videos of routines, where he takes a song and plays with it. Super interesting and fun to watch.


Despite this song being realesed in 2018 and i probably already removed it from my Spotify playlist, it is just so good and positive. I came across this video again and thought i would just share it make you smile. Music is so conected with dance and seeing the artist get down to their own song is just amazing.

Ruby Francis is London based R&B artist/producer. Her debut Fall Asleep reached number 28 on the UK Spotify Viral Chart. Ruby has also had great support from blogs including, Noisey, Wonderland and Nylon who named her “The British Answer to The Internet”. She is currently focused and working on her debut Album due to be released in 2020.


Thank you Matty for sending me this episode. I love Jay and his podcast, i usualy listen to it in the morning while excercising on stationary bike. It is the great way to start your day motivated and filled with knowdlege.
Jay Shetty sits down with the most popular psychiatrist in America, Dr. Daniel Amen, who has spent his career studying correlations between brain health and mental illness. He is forever discovering new ways in which the brain is shaped by environment, trauma, and health. Dr. Amen will tackle some common misconceptions about mental health and the brain and learn the 11 things you should avoid for a healthy brain.


Quarantine is in full effect so I would love to share some tips you can try to keep your mood up throughout these days. For me, these days are not any different from normal days, like for other artists who create and work from home. So i can recommend with 100% efficiency what works.

1. Routines, routines work every time, whether it’s now or any other time in life. Create one and stick to it. It will take time to be smooth, but it is worth it.

2. Create a plan, write down what you want to accomplish, learn, watch, make, whatever it is, put it on paper and cross what you have done. It motivates you and gives you that dopamine boost similar to likes on IG

3. Change activities often. Read a book for an hour, then go fix that wobbly table you have been neglecting forever, then watch some movies, learn a new language, draw, listen to music, create a playlist, clean up, meditate. Anything in small dozes will keep your attention.

4. Exercise. 30 minutes a day is plenty. Practice handstand or do pushup or stretch, yoga.

5. Lastly, practice solitude. Being with yourself and being content alone is the greatest asset. Talk, argue, think, resolve the problem, or create ideas in you mind and try to look at it from different angles. This helps you to understand yourself and more importantly get to know yourself better.

Hope you are doing good and this will help you a bit. ;)


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