Being the music lovers that we are makes us aware of the healing abilities that sound can provide. During the past years we have explored and collected a certain type of music that awakes something special in us and others. That type of music that eases up tensions, relaxes, and charges our mind, body, and spirit, connects and unites us and most of all opens up to the free flow. It makes us come alive and able to live a lifetime all in one song. We call it the Universal Playground SOUND. It’s that type of sound that’s not locked to any specific genre or style, instead, it combines them all into something new. It’s within this new realm you’ll find the red rhythmical thread that weaves together the sounds from the playground.

Welcome to lucky 7th show where you get 2 hours of carefully selected music by Bj Piggo. And if this is not enough for you, you can explore our monthly Diggs, Spotify playlist, or albums of the week on our website. Also we are a few days away from revealing our 2020 theme.

As we talking about on the other show, 2020 is the year of support but don’t forget about supporting YOU first! Too much giving and little receiving can lead to exhaustion or even burnouts so we suggest to surround yourself with people who motivate you, however, cliche this sounds, it works. 5 people around your closest must be picked very carefully. Also find time to rejuvenate, recharge, spend time with yourself, contemplating and thinking, and having conversations with yourself.
Find what makes you feel happy, what gives you that drive, what fulfills you, and keep doing it. Maybe while listening to SOUND #7 ;)

This show features music from Robot Orchestra, Zikomo, Linden Jay, Raveena, Amerigo Gazaway, Sivey, Eugene Rockwell, Abjo, Prophet, and many more.

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Cover art by Olively Art<3

Universal Playground SOUND #7


  1. Robot Orchestra - Note To Self feat. Soul Food Horns
  2. D'Angelo - Brown Sugar (Bonus Track) [Prod. Amerigo Gazaway]
  3. micbeatz - daydreaming (aretha tribute)
  4. Tut-Piece - Streetwalker
  5. Modlee & Vlooper - Dancin'
  6. Reggie B. - Spiritual Fi
  7. Hi-Perspective - Faster (feat. Kissey Asplund)
  8. Zikomo - Bozoo
  9. Charlie Curtis-Beard - Fried Chicken (feat. Leah Jean)
  10. hazeldizzy - straight out the cassette
  12. Raveena - Johnny It's the Last Time
  13. dela - Meemee
  14. CVIRO & GXNXVS - Problem
  15. Philemon - Le Reigne Du Rap
  16. Pat Van Dyke - Lotus
  17. la:lee bloom - SEVEN DAYS
  18. kidkanevil - 10 Seconds kidkanevil reflip
  19. Brady Watt - Good Medicine (feat. James Casey)
  20. Anderson  .Paak - Come Down (Unda de Sango Remix)
  21. Boulevard 95 - The Circle (feat. Soul Food Horns)
  22. Jonny Tobin - Praise ft Janelle Reid & Makadi
  23. D'Angelo - Spanish Joint [Prod. Amerigo Gazaway]
  24. Sivey - World Series
  25. Hot 8 Brass Band - Love Will Tear Us Apart
  26. Han Litz Group - Epiphany (Yoruba Soul Remix)
  27. Allen French - Nova Vida (Osmo Remix)
  28. 30/70 - Breaking (For This World to Change)
  29. Ted Jasper - Back for More
  30. Birdhouse - Sunrise (feat. Pitch Controller Mitch & Rebiere)
  31. Manik & PCM - African Guide (feat. Pete Philly)
  33. Julius The Mad Thinker, Pleasure Prince, Russoul - Born To Do It (CoFlo Remix)
  34. Eugene Rockwell - Canto Del Corazón
  35. Romanowski - Days & Daze (DJ Smash Remix)
  36. Nickodemus - Livin' Your Dream (feat. Jahdan Blakkamoore) [Bosq Remix]
  37. Candela All Stars - Baila Si Vaa Gozar (feat. Local 12 & Totin)
  38. Ebo Taylor, Pat Thomas & Henrik Schwarz - Eye Nyam Nam 'A' Mensuro (Henrik Schwarz Blend)
  40. AbJo - Gabriel (Sampha Live Refix)
  41. AbJo - Selecta!
  42. Prophet - Be the One for You