This Resident Advisor brilliant session with nonother than house music legend and icon Kerri Chandler goes way back to the times before digital players. Reel-to-reels run in Chandler’s family—he’s dedicated this set to the memory of his father, whose birthday was February 27th. They also loom large in his musical education. Seeing Frankie Knuckles and David Morales mix on them was one of his formative experiences. In this 70-minute recording, you can see what it was like to party back in the days when DJs were sweating behind the booth for different reasons.

Back in the day, “every major club had at least one tape machine it the booth,” Chandler says. “Unlike turntables, you don’t have to worry about skipping, vibrations or a dirty stylus. In fact, at times if I saw the needle was a bit dirty while I was playing out at a club, I would make a quick copy to tape for about a minute, run it back, play the tape, clean the stylus and bring the record back in.”