Mr. Wiggles, hip hop legend started his new youtube video by the name of the Black Book Journal, where he talks about Hip Hop Culture, Street Style Dance, and Bronx Street Life, all while rocking a Fresh Piece (while doing graffiti art).

In the first 5 episodes, Wiggles is talking about his time on the streets, going different Jams, while making his name in the rough Bronx Borough during the late 70’s, and early 80’s. Latinos influence in Hip Hop. Puerto Rican Pioneers who helped push the culture, and the duel cultures of BBOY and ROCK, and how they came up the same time. He also touches the topic of his dance moves,  about his early days, and how he ended up in Wild Style with Double Trouble, and Electric Force.

Knowledge is the 5th element of hip hop and we are very grateful for all the information he is putting out.