Most of us know Flockey as a dancer, but he is much more than that. His creative mind wanders all the time creating and collaborating beyond his obvious label. 

As a young dancer, he got a lot of attention for his different approach to one of the oldest street styles – locking, trying to evolve and push the boundaries of this dance. A few years later, Flockey is expressing himself through spoken word and music more and more, having several visual projects on his account, including recognition from BADBADNOTGOOD. And that’s something!
His recent outcome is Videoclip Something in You, dealing with relationship ups and downs through his own lense.

The Idea behind was to show two Persons falling in Love with eachtother. The car scenes for example stands for ” how different moments , situations we have with our beloved ones..from deep talks, laughs till arguments. The inspiration behind was – Common’s music video – The Light with Erykah Badu

Directed : Flockey Ocscor

DOP : Amir Ouadahi

2nd Camera : David Gohlki

Light : Amir Ouadahi , Henning Sels

Cut : Flockey Ocscor

Color : David Gohlki

Starring : Senu

Song Produced by : Julian Prießen

Drums & additional synth : Cwash Beats