Do you trust your skillz and knowledge enough to let them go and flow on their own, allow them to take you where you haven’t been before?  Can you show up and be ready for anything? Catch and create the moment?

One part of the Universal Playground Festival is also dance performances. Freestyle, improvised and nonplanned. 10 dancers are getting tasks on the spot which they have to perform. It is an amazing test of one’s ability, creativity, and dance skills. But most of all, it is fun. Every dancer gets a solo task, duo task and then there is one final group task. Each moment is something unique, all in the name of freestyle. We are slowly uploading all of the videos. Head out to our YouTube channel to see more.

Universal Playground Affairs is a meeting for creatives, a place to discover and unfold personal creativity. Where connecting with yourself and the moment is the main focus. We invite 6 creative beings/dancers from the world to the Playground to explore and challenge their creativity through movement.