Let us summarise this incredible journey we had this year. The goal was to spread the vibes and magic of Universal Playground to the world and we definitely did. We visited five countries and six cities.

Started off in Moscow/ Powerhouse were we had a show with our amazing group Lovanda and special guest Lay-Far. The love we received was so overwhelming. All the dancers and music lovers filled the club and we partied all night.
Thank you MOSCOW 

The second stop was in a magical hidden paradise outside of Stockholm near the small village Scholdinge. The place is called Åsa folkhögskola where dancers from all around the world go deep in exploring their limits. The party was part of their annual event Back to the Woods so you can imagine the night. When they go sleep we go deep was the vibe and we partied in the basement with the sound from Bj Piggo and Lil Matt accompanied by Niki Awandee until the sun went up and beyond.
Thank you ÅSA

The next stop was a very special one. We had a party at YALTA summer jam, the place where we met LOVANDA: and since then we walk this musical journey together. It was such a live party. People from all over the world to share dance and music. This community feeling was present and you can only imagine the love we received.
Thank You YALTA

And then there was BRATISLAVA. It was one of the biggest productions we have made. The beautiful location of Slovenská výtvarná únia – Galéria Umelka was transformed into our UTOPIA world. Special guest Jeremie Raza shared with us his dance knowledge and music vision, Eugene Rockwell from Germany brought his disco boogie vibes, Artist3 represented Universal Playground SOUND and Jureš Fallgrapp was support from the local scene. It was great test of our abilities and also reminder that not every country is fit for us.

Three weeks after, we were joining our good friend’s event Random Circles and provided the afterparty. This event is so unique that we decided to bring a very special name. JAEL from Netherland who is representing Studio KOTO and Soulection. His performance was something else, wow. The skills he posses and the energy he can give are thru the roof. Not to forget the amazing venue MONTEZ that also contributed to the overall vibes.
Thank you, FRANKFURT

For the Sixth stop and the final party of this year, we went back to the city of Mozart. In cooperation with our long-time friends from the dance event Flavourama Battle for the second time, we ended up having the party of this year. It was outstanding, it was overwhelming, it was everything. The Sound from the Playground took us all for a journey, where love for music, dance, and the community was boosted with every next track played. Artist3 was feeding and preparing all of us for unexpected and spontaneous experiences. Back2Back of Bj Piggo and Wantigga our special guest. Wow, what a party. What a moment. It will be written in history.

There it is, 6 parties, 5 cities, countless wonderful memories. We would love to give enormous thank you to the creator of the magical world of Universal Playground UTOPIA Lauri Lohi for all the hard work on the designs. Thank you to each of you who helped us, who cooperated with us, who believed in us. Thank you to all the DJs for their love for music. Thank you all the people who came to be part of it and for sharing with us. Thank you our team for being so awesome. Barbara Koll for not only the amazing pictures. Otec Mirec Ela Krchnava for not only the amazing help. Bruno Papić for not only the amazing videos.
And lastly, thank you Universe for giving us the Playground to express ourselves.