There is this hidden magical place outside of Stockholm Sweden, that posses the ability to uplift and create. The place made for growth and exploration of self as well as art. It is called ÅSA folkhögskola.

They call it School in The Woods and it could not be more accurate. Around 100 people spend every year focusing on and developing their passion for dance and art. Isolated from the outside world and all the fuss, these people can totally dive in getting the most appreciated knowledge from world respected teachers. At the end of the year, they organize an event called Back to the Woods to celebrate dance and culture. We have been part of it with our Universal Playground Experience so we are bringing you the 3 sets from the afterparty by Dj Lil Matt and Bj Piggo & Niki Awandee.

It is impossible to explain what was happening there. The roof was low, the place was packed, the energy was flowing and people act as one organism. A wonderful night it was and you can be part of it too at the next Universal Playground, so keep your eyes open.