Being the music lovers that we are makes us aware of the healing abilities that sound can provide. During the past years we have explored and collected a certain type of music that awakes something special in us and others. That type of music that eases up tensions, relaxes and charges our mind, body and spirit, connects and unites us and most of all opens up to the free flow. It makes us come alive and able to live a lifetime all in one song. We call it the Universal Playground SOUND. It’s that type of sound that’s not locked to any specific genere or style, instead it combines them all into something new. It’s within this new realm you’ll find the red rhythmical thread that weaves together the sounds from the playground.

Yes yes yes, this is our third show and it’s very special because we recorded this one in Moscow/Russia. Big thanks to the guys from ONKAIMASTER, who have been so kind to lets us into their shop and we spent amazing time together. On top of that you will hear 3 teaser songs from upcoming album of LOVANDA as well as many many new music.

In this show you will hear music from @kwamesoul @hinnerhaus @jusoul @blue-lab-beats @intalektmusic @jay-lamotta-1 @lovanda@tekdotlun @sir-lsg

Cover photo by Nicol Lieskovská & Cover boy Flockey <3

This is the beggining of a new era! Dive into the SOUND from the Playground:


  1. FÉNYAN – Paresse
  2. Unt.ffm – 222
  3. Unt.ffm – skit
  4. Unt.ffm – degree
  5. jusouL – Thank You (A J Dilla Tribute)
  6. Cookin Soul – G.O.T.D.
  7. jusouL – Seba Jun (A ヌジャベス Tribute)
  8. J.Lamotta – That’s What I Call (Freedom)
  9. Anderson .Paak – Make It Better (feat. Smokey Robinson)
  10. Soulshakers – Brooklyn (Original Mix)
  11. Abstract Orchestra – A.N.G.E.L.
  12. NUMBE:RA – There I Go (feat. Frank Nitt)
  13. Blue Lab Beats – Sweet Thing
  14. Cookin Soul – Knowmyname
  15. jusouL – Brazilian Groove
  16. Madlib – Knock Knock (Instrumental)
  17. DJ Vadim & Sena – Give More Pt. 2 (feat. Syross the Virus)
  18. Y’skid – I Just Like Music
  19. A Tribe Called Quest – Luck of Lucien
  20. Breakdown Brass – Nautilus (Hijacked)
  21. Intalekt – Gloria/Thank You (feat. Slic Vic)
  22. Kindred the Family Soul – All My People (Boogie Back Remix)
  23. Illa J – Sunflower (feat. Allie)
  24. Trus’me – Can We Pretend
  25. Sir LSG, Thandi Ntuli – Arrival (Album Version)
  26. Hiatus Kaiyote – Jekyll
  27. J.Lamotta – Back in Town
  28. Matthias Vogt Trio – Expecting Repercussions (feat. Dania Koenig)
  29. Intalekt – Young (feat. Jacob Banks & Sophia Thakur)
  30. Juan Laya, Jorge Montiel, Andre Espeut – Innermotion
  31. Tony Momrelle, Buscrates – This Isn’t Love (BusCrates Remix)
  32. Lovanda: – ЯЛТА
  33. Lovanda: – КИВИ 
  34. Lovanda: – ЧОКО ПАИ
  35. Greybox – Boardwalk
  36. TEK.LUN – Aburoy
  37. JB ROCKS – Feel Good Green
  38. Matthew Herbert – Smart
  39. Blue Lab Beats – Say Yes (feat. Ruby Francis & Ashley Henry) [NameBrandSound Remix]
  40. Unt.ffm – N8