You should know them, or at least you should have heard of them. Their original way of hip hop and captivating vibes is the future of not only party music. And that is exactly what LOVANDA’s new album GRADIENT is here to prove.

The album starts right on with summer vibe oriented disco/funk track called YALTA (ялта), which is part of Russia as well as one the best Hip Hop Festivals when it comes to dance scene. Already in the first 3 minutes, you get a glimpse of what is their music about. Not only they are using singing, rapping and other ways of shoutout outs and toasting, they are also speaking through music. A lot of changes within one song sometimes they go from disco to house, Brazilian to downtempo or even flipping the rhythms totally to some jazzy stuff. This ability to using all these different elements to create an atmosphere and support the message behind the song is totally unique. Overall their music is totally playful and you can hear (if you haven’t seen them live) how much fun they are having.


Second song KIWI (киви) and third song CHOCO PAI (чоко пай) are the perfect examples of this playfulness. You don’t need to understand the lyrics, but I guarantee it will make you move and even sing along. On the other hand WORDS (слова) takes us to this gloomy, cloudy atmosphere of echos and reverbs, emotional and honest feels, where from downtempo chill we go all the way to drum n bass music. In BLUETTES (bасильки), the name of the blue flower we go from baile funk to dancehall to house music. And finally in BETWEEN US (между нами) they took it from dragging laid back atmosphere through footwork music to 808. How amazing is that? Wow.

Last song APELSIN and Remix of this song with Anthina MC close up this incredible vibrant journey into the sound of LOVANDA. You might think its only 8 track, but there is so much more to discover in each of them. Every other listen will unravel new elements and new sounds.

For some, this might be very new and little hard to digest, but that always happens when something is revolutionary. Lalee Bloom’s and Pasha Wonda’s endless inspiration taken from nature transformed into music and such an amazing use of hip hop influence (sampling, cutting, toasting, shout outs) is indeed the way to change the way we listen and enjoy music.