Enter the world of The Universal Playground, where dreams and reality melt together, where music and colors colide into new flavours and forms, where imagination becomes your vehicle into a rythmical landscape…

Universal Playground is a colourful platform, where creatives meet to express and inspire each other. With dance as our tool and music as our vehicle, we sail into new worlds and dimensions, where norms get challenged and free thinking is flowing and love is the over all ruler. A place where the creative mind is in focus and the physical body in exploration and each moment is a possibility for rebirth. 

Universal Playground can destroy boundaries we set up for ourselves and in between each other. The atmosphere can break them down and keep them away and even make you forget they even existed. The biggest gift is to be able to create that for ourselves and others. A loving creative moment that can last forever, if its influential/intense/affective enough the love can stay in our hearts forever and create new moments from this place of love.

By bringing powerful beings together we let them shed their light on the project. Let the project bring out the best in them, give them a space to shine, dig deep into their craft and share it with likeminded “likevibrational” people. Boost the artist light and abilities so they can shine brighter and clearer and even more beautiful than ever before. 

Same thing with the guests we make them feel comfortable, inspired, relaxed and challenged. Bring out their creativity, the one that sleeps and just comes out during happy hours. The one that can create magic, the alchemist part of each being that exist weather they know it or not. We want to wake that in people, wake so intensively that it will never go back to sleep. Just stay in a state of creation, giving to yourself, others and the world.