Being the music lovers that we are makes us aware of the healing abilities that sound can provide. During the past years we have explored and collected a certain type of music that awakes something special in us and others. That type of music that eases up tensions, relaxes and charges our mind, body and spirit, connects and unites us and most of all opens up to the free flow. It makes us come alive and able to live a lifetime all in one song. We call it the Universal Playground SOUND. It’s that type of sound that’s not locked to any specific genere or style, instead it combines them all into something new. It’s within this new realm you’ll find the red rhythmical thread that weaves together the sounds from the playground.

Our first show is online and you can dive into 2 hours of SOUND from the playground carefuly selected by Bj Piggo. We will be connecting with you on monthly bases through this show where music is the number one objective. Second most important is the atmosphere which we create by mixing the songs together with great perfection and lastly we would love to spread all those amazing artists, that make our hearts and ears melt by giving them shout outs and giving you the link to look up their work.

In this show you will hear music from  @seedee0 @jennypenkin @lovanda @zikomo @quincy_mumford @bluestaeb @oscarjerome@necktr @elliingram @solarosa @iamnobodi

Cover photo by Nicol Lieskovská & Cover girl Abisola <3

This is the beggining of a new era! Dive into the SOUND from the Playground:


  1. J.Robb – GoodLovinn (feat. Devin Tracy)
  2. See Dee – Im Not Crazy
  3. Quincy Mumford – Thank You
  4. Jenny Penkin – You (feat. Uri Sellinger)
  5. FEFE – cruisin
  6. See Dee – I remember
  7. Bluestaeb – Hot Shit
  8. Cilon & Sarah Jorden – Round & Round
  9. Sam Gouthro – Down for This
  10. See Dee – Come and Get it
  11. Joe Corfield – Matte Black
  12. See Dee – Don’t let them know
  13. R+R=NOW – Reflect Reprise (feat. Stalley)
  14. Oscar Jerome – Do You Really
  15. Leven Kali – Joy
  16. Phony Ppl – Why iii Love the Moon.
  17. D’Angelo – Brown Sugah Daddy (Hemz Rework)
  18. D’Angelo  – Sugah Daddy (PEGA5U5 rough rub)
  19. Miles Davis – Rubberband of Life (feat. Ledisi)
  20. Necktr – Something’s Happening
  21. Rahsaan Patterson – Stop By
  22. Sy Smith – Perspective
  23. Necktr – Take Your Time
  24. The Cool Kids – Gr8ful (GREGarious Just Joyce Edit)
  25. Max Bateman X Amin Payne – Classic (Laruche Records)
  26. Elli Ingram – Sweet & Sour
  27. Brock Berrigan – John
  28. Sola Rosa – Spinning Top (feat. L.A. Mitchell)
  29. Pho Queue – Sos
  30. Leisure Centre – Sucka
  31. Abstract Orchestra – Raid
  32. Lido & J’von – People (feat. Mayer Hawthorne)
  33. Silo – All Night
  34. IAMNOBODI – Luther’s Joint
  35. Amp Fiddler – Faith
  36. Nate Smith – Small Moves: Interlude
  37. Leisure Centre – All I Long For
  38. WAYNE SNOW – Nothing Wrong
  39. Madison McFerrin – No Time to Lose
  40. Noah Slee – Told
  41. Nate Smith – Skip Step
  42. Zikomo – Trouble Sleep 
  43. Jesse Fischer & Sly5thAve – Chameleon
  44. Youngblood Brass Band – Ain’t Nobody
  45. Inflo – No Fear
  46. LOVANDA: – Freedom
  47. Beyuz – Casino
  48. Tera Kora – Paixao do Rio
  49. Grupo Socavon – Homenaje a Justino (Uproot Andy RMX)
  50. Mo’ Horizons – Green Day
  51. Omar – Fuck War, Make Love
  52. See Dee – Giv me ur luvin