Universal Playground STORIES with Vilija Art

Vilijas art speaks about human and nature relationships, its spirit, colourfulness, and emotions. Vilijas passion for art comes from nature, music, and stories. She also works about climate change, equal rights through her art projects. She has travelled the world creating different projects with body art, from the mountains in Morocco to the barren landscapes of Lofoten, Norway. Vilija finds inspiration in the world of nature to create her vibrant and colourful body art.

We met at Universal Playground Festival in Bratislava where she, along with here colleagues Johannes and Sarah, painted dancers from ÅSA Folkhogskola to perform a piece called Water. It was beautiful and breathtaking performance. I remember the moment when i stopped and stared at the two creatures dancing on the stage so fascinated by the look, that I told myself I had to have a conversation with her one day.

What is her most memorable Project, how does she see nudity in art, or what is the World Bodypainting festival? Find out in our second Universal Playground STORIES with Vilija Art.







Vilija Vitkute art

Menuo Juodaragis 2018 / AM x VV project, photo: Laura Kymantė

Vilija Vitkute art

Vilija Vitkute art

Vilija Vitkute art

Vilija Vitkute art

Vilija Vitkute art Universal Playground Festival

Water performance at Universal Playground Festival